• NAD X-Cell

One of the major problems with most pre-workout / pre-game supplements, is that they contain banned stimulants, and also result in an unsustainable energy high, resulting in a mid / post training / game energy "crash".

Apex NAD-X-Cell is different, in the sense that it stimulates all the natural energy systems in the body, in a controlled, sustainable manner, allowing for a far longer energy boost, without a post game or training energy crash, by using natural insulin regulators. This is especially important for athletes, who require sustained energy during prolonged periods of high energy outputs. This product is also formulated to aid in joint and ligament protection.

NAD X-Cell is a pre- and during workout / match energizer which maximizes energy and performance through a 6 phase mechanism:

  Phase 1: Energizer and cell Volumizer.

            Cutting edge NAD and ATP synthesizers, pH/lactic acid buffers (reducing muscle cramps), muscle fuel and VO2 Max (endurance) activators.

  Phase 2: Nitric Oxide (NO) Boosters.

            Increasing strength, muscle growth, vascularity and pump.

  Phase 3: Muscle Armor.

            BCAAs and other amino acids preventing muscle catabolism and slow release carbohydrates preserving muscle glycogen.

  Phase 4: Growth Hormone Sectretagogues.

           Stimulates natural growth hormone allowing optimal muscle strength and growth, and joint and ligament protection.

  Phase 5: Fat Loss Activators.

            Additional energy and mental focus supplied from body fat metabolism.

  Phase 6: Insulin Regulators.

            Stabilizing blood sugar levels preventing a post workout “energy crash”.

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NAD X-Cell

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